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Dr. Sam Wireman

Meet Dr. Sam Wireman

A Desire to Improve Lives

With a love of helping others, Dr. Wireman knew early in life that he would enter the health care field. He worked as a chiropractic assistant during his high school years, and it was there he fell in love with the natural healing profession. “I liked the idea of working directly with patients, using my hands to help them overcome health challenges.” After high school, he applied to Life University and enrolled to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology. With the prerequisites completed, he dual-enrolled and joined the chiropractic program at the same time.

“There is tremendous value in noninvasive, preventative spinal care. Far too many people are suffering who have treatable or preventable conditions. I want to assist people in overcoming those health challenges.”

Discovering the Pierce Results System

While at Life University, Dr. Wireman learned about the importance of objectivity when assessing patients. It led him to seek out numerous forms of outside training, and he became the vice president of the Pierce Results System club.

This unique approach to health care showed its impact to Dr. Wireman through his mother, who had suffered from near-daily migraines for over 20 years. He recommended that she visit a chiropractor who used the Pierce Results System that he’d been shadowing and learning from. Dr. Wireman got to participate in her care, helping her through the new patient process and analysis. “After one adjustment, she didn’t have a migraine for over three months. It was rewarding to see the changes we were able to make.”

Dr. Wireman graduated as salutatorian when he completed his biology degree. When he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic, he was awarded cum laude honors.

When he isn’t helping patients, Dr. Wireman loves being outdoors, watching football and spending time with his family.

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