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New Patients

Welcome to Pierce Chiropractic Center!

From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel comfortable in our warm, relaxing environment. You will be greeted with a member of the team and offered your choice of a complimentary coffee, tea, or water.

With any new patient, we always start with a complimentary consultation. The goal is to learn more about your health condition and explain what the treatment process looks like in our office so we can answer any questions you may have upfront.

Your First Visit

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted and will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork to make sure the office visit runs efficiently.  The consultation and examination is always done by a doctor and is extensive so we ask you to be prepared to be in the office for about 60 minutes.

Dr. Wireman or Dr. Culig will introduce themselves and take you back to an exam room to go over your history and what has brought you to our office. Then, we’ll perform a new patient examination consisting of various measures to uncover the cause of your health problems and identify if you’re a candidate for our care.

Once the necessary information has been gathered, we’ll explain what we’ve found thus far. The final step of your visit is having specific, three-dimensional digital X-rays taken of the highest quality available. Your chiropractor will then want to take their time analyzing your results and will go over them with you when you return.

Your Second Visit

Your next appointment can be later in the afternoon or the following day, as soon as you’re able to come back. You’ll sit down with your chiropractor to go over your X-rays and exam findings. We’ll make sure you have a full understanding of what the root of your issue is and our recommendations for your chiropractic care. You’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment, then take a few moments to rest afterward. Your Chiropractor will then perform a post-check evaluation to be certain that we’ve made the desired correction.

We’ll give you a packet of information about your examination and other relevant data, including stretches or exercises that will help you heal. This appointment, like the first, takes about an hour.


Since we will have taken our time to thoroughly analyze your needs, subsequent visits will be quicker, taking about 20 minutes each.

Schedule your time to discover what we can do for you. Contact our Midtown Atlanta office today! Medicare is accepted, and no-risk consultations are offered.


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