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The Pierce Principle

From the beginning, Dr. Walter V. Pierce Sr. wanted an objective, specific, and thorough approach to provide safe and effective care to chiropractic patients. That is why he created the Pierce Results System. No random cracking and twisting. No cookie cutter treatment plans. No shortcuts. Only scientific analysis, precise adjustments, continuous improvement, and dedication to rapidly obtain lasting results for patients. Now, at Pierce Chiropractic Center, his grandson Dr. Randy Culig and Dr. Sam Wireman continue the tradition with cutting-edge techniques and technology.

Dr. Walter Pierce Sr.Some people believe that chiropractors just throw their patients on a table, and mash and move the spine around based on what “feels” right. You might ask: “How effective is this technique? Does it treat the problem or make it worse?” No one knows for sure. Ultimately, this approach to chiropractic practice creates more questions than answers.

But at Pierce Chiropractic Center, we leave no room for questions. Before administering treatment, we conduct a careful structural examination of the body to determine if your problem is spinal-related. Then, we take x-rays to create a three-dimensional digital image of the spine to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Taking precautions to find the root cause is crucial, since there is  no “one-size fits all” treatment for spinal injury. Everyone is different and every issue is different. Plus, applying pressure on bones that are properly aligned could create new injuries. To ensure patient safety, we perform a detailed analysis, down to the millimeter, of the digital x-rays to create a mathematical equation that determines both the amount of force needed and the direction of the adjustment.  After a specific treatment plan is developed, we employ a non-invasive approach, using laser-guided instrumentation, to make a precise adjustment.

Our work does not end when the adjustment is made. Dr. Pierce practiced comprehensive analysis to stimulate continuous improvement. To improve and evolve, it is necessary to check your work — and checking your work once is not enough; double-and-triple-checking is required to take the guesswork out of the analysis. We perform a thorough post-adjustment analysis to ensure that the proper corrections are made and to provide us with the opportunity to improve everything we do to get the best results for our patients.

Your health is your most valuable asset so our goal is to make sure that you understand exactly:

(A) What we are doing,  (B) Why we do it, and (C) What to expect from treatment. From the moment you walk into Pierce Chiropractic Center to the moment you walk out, you’ll get a one-to-one consultation, with the Doctor, through every step of the process. We guarantee safety, effectiveness, and precision to each patient to ensure that they look forward to the next visit.  

Find out more about our unique 7-STEP NEW PATIENT PROCESS.


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