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Pierce Chiropractic Center Video Reviews

Dr. Culig and Dr. Wireman share a passion for scientific, evidence based chiropractic care. Pierce Chiropractic Center patient’s know the benefits of this care and below a few share their stories. If you’re ready to start care or get more information, please call our Midtown Atlanta chiropractic care center to find out more!



  • Holding my adjustment after over a month of long days and hard work. Thanks Dr. Culig!

    -Dan N.
  • Look forward to excellent results.

    -Hugh N.
  • I am excited about the improvements that I am experiencing!

    -Martha F.
  • Pierce Chiropractic Center is by far the most technologically advanced chiropractic office I’ve ever seen. Dr. Randy and Dr. Sam are masters of their craft, but more importantly they are great guys. I highly recommend Pierce Chiropractic Center, you will not be disappointed!

    -Nick S.
  • Where to go when you want the best!

    -Susan M.
  • Very personable, yet professional.

    -Randy B.
  • I am super excited to have connected with Pierce Chiro Center after being under the care of another upper cervical practitioner for many years! Pierce is the top of the line with innovations that enhance the analysis and healing. I can’t wait until other family members try their services.

    -Armanda L.
  • Awesome practice!

    -Scott Z.
  • I would recommend his care because he is a fantastic doctor and a fantastic person. He quickly became a friend and a mentor that I will keep until the end of my days.

    -Brandon H.
  • Very professional which is reassuring!

    -Fay P.
  • This is a unique Chiropractic experience. Looking forward to my treatment.

    -Karen H.
  • I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr Wireman. There was no wait time. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain everything to you.

    -Lori R.




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